Why Retired International Greyhounds?

The greyhound racing industry in the United States (US) has been declining for the past few years resulting in fewer dogs being bred, raced and eventually available for adoption upon retirement. This decline was hastened by 2018 legislation to end greyhound racing in the state of Florida. This has resulted in even fewer retired racers being available for adoption throughout the U.S. and Canada. Greyhound breeding and racing continues today Internationally. However, there are not enough homes available for retired greyhound racers in both Ireland and Australia, so it is only logical to find them homes in North America.

Due to their gentle nature Greyhounds make excellent companions for the whole family. Retired racers adapt well and thrive in a home environment. They’re Sweet, gentle, loving, clean, quiet, and smart – making them excellent family pets.

Why adopt a Greyhound?

What’s so great about adopting a Greyhound?

  • They love their people. Greyhounds may be reserved around strangers, but that’s definitely not the case when they’re with their family. These  hounds simply love being around their humans and thrive when made to feel included as a much-loved family member.

  • They’re affectionate. The word that’s used the most to describe the Greyhound’s temperament is “gentle”. They’re easy-going and polite companions, plus they’ve got a whole lot of love and affection to share with the people they care about. They get along well with kids too, so a Greyhound is well worth considering if you’re searching for a loveable family pet.

  • They don’t need as much exercise as you might think. No, really — Greyhounds don’t need a whole lot of exercise. They’re ridiculously fast, sure, and need regular activity, but this isn’t the sort of high-energy breed that likes being on the go all the time. In fact, these lounge lizards will happily laze around on the couch all day with you, a trait that has earned the Greyhound the nickname of “the 40 mph couch potato”.

  • They’re low-maintenance dogs. Greyhounds need little in the way of grooming, don’t shed a great deal, and don’t have the same strong “doggy” odor you get from some other breeds. They also don’t tend to bark too much, and that laid-back temperament means your Greyhound will be the politest house dog you’re ever likely to meet.

  • They can even live in apartments. Provided there’s enough room on the couch, Greyhounds don’t take up a whole lot of space in your home. Combined with their trainability, easy-going nature, and low-maintenance care requirements, this makes them great apartment dogs.

Of course, just like every breed, Greyhounds have special care requirements that mean they won’t be the perfect fit for every pet parent. They’re sensitive to cold weather, they’re not much use as guard dogs, some aren’t able to share a home with cats or other small animals, and they need a whole lot of love and attention to feel happy and content.

But if you’re searching for a loving, affectionate, and low-maintenance canine companion, a retired racing Greyhound might just be exactly what you’re searching for.