We are ALWAYS in need of foster homes to give our adoptable dogs a home to rest after long travels , allowing them the time to decompress and teach them about home life until they find a permanent home of their own. Our program pays for and provides all supplies needed to host an adoptable Greyhound or Saluki in your home. For more information about becoming a foster home, please contact us.

Fostering FAQ:

What does it mean to foster a retired Irish greyhound or Saluki for FLIGHTS?

A: When you foster a greyhound/saluki for us, you are agreeing to let your foster greyhound/saluki stay with you until he or she gets picked by his/her forever family.

Why is it needed?

A: Foster homes are needed because our group does not have a kennel facility. The number of greyhound/saluki we can help find their forever homes for, depends on how many open foster homes we have at a given time. During this fostering period, a greyhound/saluki will learn the ropes of retirement, going from professional athlete to a family pet.

What is required?

A: To become an approved foster for FLIGHTS, fill out the foster application and send it in. A group representative will review it, check the references you provide, and will go over any questions or concerns you may have about fostering. We will provide food and any medications your foster greyhound will need, so there is no financial burden on your part!

What is involved?

A: As mentioned above, fostering for us means letting a greyhound/saluki crash with you until his or her forever family is found. During this time, you’ll help a retired racer learn all sorts of things. Remember, they are all new to living in a home environment! Housebreaking a greyhound/saluki is usually pretty easy and they learn fairly quickly that the house is not their turnout pen. They’ve been on their kennel routine up until this point and keeping a regular schedule of sorts (meal times, potty outings, etc.) for your foster greyhound/saluki is one of the best ways to help them successfully transition to life in a home as a pet.

Other “new” things you may have to teach your foster greyhound about may include other breeds of dogs, cats, children, glass doors/windows, and stairs. Stairs can sometimes be the trickiest of the new things your foster will encounter. Our board members and volunteers are always there for support if you need some tips on how to help your foster adjust. greyhound/saluki are very adaptable, they just need your patience while they adjust to retirement.

During this fostering period, you’ll also be able to see the greyhound/saluki personality come out. This is important because it will help us determine what kind of forever home would be a perfect match for your foster!

How long does it last?

A: The length of each foster’s stay will vary. Some greyhound/saluki get picked right away while others take a bit longer to find their forever family. Rest assured, if something comes up on your part and you are no longer able to foster the greyhound/saluki, we will work quickly to move the greyhound into a new foster home.

Some final thoughts from a veteran foster mom: fostering is a very rewarding experience. It’s exciting to meet so many different greyhound/saluki, learn their quirks, help them master what it means to be a pet, and hear how happy their new family is when they get picked. Is it sad when your foster gets adopted and you have to say goodbye? Of course it is! But it only lasts until you get your next foster…

Please Contact Us for a Foster Application.