FLIGHTS Adoption Process

FLIGHTS adoption process for International Greyhounds, Salukis from the Middle East are all dependent on flight availability.  The process may take slightly longer if you have very specific preferences or multiple restrictions (i.e., many young children, small dogs, cats, etc.).
We do not accept applications for age or color specific greyhounds, if that is a strict requirement for you and your family, then we suggest reaching out to another adoption group that may fulfill that preference.

Where to Start;
The first step to adopting a sighthound through FLIGHTS Program is to fill out our Adoption Application and email it along with a non refundable deposit of $100 Canadian
Adoption fee deposit is required at the time of your application submission, otherwise the application will be put on hold until the payment is received.
Please be respectful of the volunteer time required to obtain reference checked, conference call and home visits, additional time and support that may be required.

If you are new to Greyhounds, we encourage you to purchase the Greyhound for Dummies book.
If you are new to Salukis, we encourage you to purchase Saluki Dog Complete Owners Manual.

Our Adoption Fee covers the following:
Purchase of Flight & Wooden Crate Fees from Ireland/Australia or Plastic Crates from Qatar
Taxes, CBSA, Inspection, Cargo Fees
Health Inspection to prepare for Transport
Spaying / Neutering
Vaccinations (DHLPP / Corona, Bordetella, Lyme, Rabies)
Flea and Tick
Dental Scaling or Cleaning (if required)
1 ½ Adjustable Martingale Collar
Leash, 6ft with Traffic Handle
Harness (If required at an additional fee)
ID Tag (Each number is associated with each dog in the care of FLIGHTS)
Flea and Tick Medication

As a reminder, we cannot start the adoption process until our adoption fee is received.
Any application received without the fee will be placed on hold until the adoption fee is paid. If for any reason your application is rejected, or we cannot supply you with a dog, your deposit is non-refundable.

Once the Adoption Coordinator receives your adoption application, and application fee, we will confirm receipt and will then begin the process of checking your references. Once your references are returned our Adoption Coordinator will carefully review your application and schedule a home visit, possibly E Visit with the entire family having to be present. Once complete and approved we can start to  select the best dog for you based on your family and lifestyle.

The Selection Process;
Each of our dogs goes through an extensive process which includes a medical check-up, neuter/spay and then a period of time to settle in so that we can properly evaluate and profile them, while in Ireland at the adoption center.
Our Salukis from the Middle East are already in the care of a rescue center and or foster home affiliated with the rescue group, the process is fairly similar with our selection process for our Salukis as well.

At FLIGHTS, we take the selection of your pet very seriously. Each dog is carefully observed and evaluated, small dog-tested, we are unable to cat test our greyhounds while in the adoption center in Ireland. However we are able to cat test many of our Salukis while in the adoption center and or foster home in the Middle East.

Once your dog is in your home, you can rely on support forever if you need it. We are available to respond to the adopter’s needs almost 24 hours a day every day. If you cannot keep your dog, you must return it to us and we will find them a new home.
FLIGHTS will continue to provide any support you may need from the time you take your dog into your new home until the end of its life.

If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.